Pyhäjärven lomakylä


We invite to visit the picturesque place,

created by nature for family rest.

Modern holiday village of Pyhäjärvi

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Welcome! We invite you to visit the picturesque place, created by the nature for family rest. At this place there were built nice, modern holiday village. The village is situated on the quiet lake surrounded by pine trees and located 20 km away from Kuhmoinen and 35 km from the ski-resort Himos. This place is known since the past, and the small lake called Pyhäjärvi, which means "holy lake" is famous among people.

Paritalot A,B,C ja D


Cottages of Paritalo A, B and Paritalo C,D can be interesting for small families and other parties.

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Cottage "Lepisto"

Lomamökki Lepisto

Capacious separate house is recommended for big families.

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Wooden sauna

Rantasauna - a wooden sauna on the bank of the silent lake is the dream of any peaceful family man.

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