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In this place in 2012 is constructed the modern holiday village. This place is located in 20 km from the city of Kuhmoinen and in 35 km from the Himos resort, on the bank of the silent lake surrounded with the pine forest.

Holiday village consists of three cottages. One cottage is calculated on a big family, and two others can accept two small families or any other parties. In each cottage there are all conveniences habitual for the city comforts, and also a fireplace, sauna and terrace. Comfortable air temperature is supported by means of the air conditioning system. All cottages are equipped with modern kitchens and equipment for cooking and storing food. There are TV and Internet connections.

Besides, in the settlement there is a coastal sauna which burns firewood. There is a big mooring which can be used for boats, and also for sunbathing and swimming in the lake. There is a sandy beach, a playground, a big arbor with a grill and a small arbor for private rest in wood silence. On the stony cape to which there is special wooden path, it is possible to have a wonderfull time for example by fishing.

On the lake Paijane which is located in 1 km from the settlement, there is own mooring for a boat on which guests will be waited by a high-speed boat. On it it is possible to make excursions to islands and go fishing.

For outdoor activities there are bicycles, and also such exotic means of entertainments, as motor-skates and aquaskippers in the summer. There are boats and kayaks too. Kuhmoinen's bus station is located in 20 km, and the nearest shop – in 5 km from the settlement.